Michael Shabaz an Assyrian-American won Wimbledon doubles title

7/4/2005 4:44:52 AM

Michael Shabaz, a seventeen years old Assyrian-American from Florida has just won the Wimbledon Junior Doubles title.

Michael is from a proud Assyrian home, who left Iran and came to United States years ago. His father, Vladimir Shabaz is currently a part-time coach for the Tennis Academy of America. It seems that one inherits tennis being the Shabaz family. Michael's sister Nicole, while currently in rest due to a knee injury also enjoys the sport of tennis.

Only seven years old, young Michael had started his tennis career. The Wimbledon is the greatest championship in tennis and the first Michael has been able to win with the partnership of Jesse Levine.

Michael has decided to continue tennis in a professional level, and experts predict a bright future for this man in honor of his great talent, another Assyrian Andre Agassi perhaps?