Northern Iraq: Kurdish Regional Government

5/11/2006 11:03:19 PM

The newly appointed Kurdish Regional Government in Northern Iraq, Arbil announced the names of the ministers in the new cabinet on Sunday, May 7, 2006. This cabinet consists of 27 ministers, including three Assyrians:

  1. Sargis Aghajan – Minister of Treasury and Economics
  2. Nimrod Baito – Minister of Tourism
  3. George Yousip Mansour – Minister of the Region, also manager of Kurdish Ashtar TVThe Kurdish officials’ repeated rhetoric of having adopted western values of democracy, supremacy of parliament, rule of law, judicial independence, free elections, human rights, etc, are baseless slogans until the indigenous people of the land, the Assyrians are recognized by their national identity as Assyrians. Having people of Assyrian identity in the cabinet has no significance to Assyrians until their national, political and land rights are recognized and protected in the heart of their homeland, Assyria (today’s northern Iraq), and until the Assyrian ministers are not used to spread the Kurdish ethnocide policy against the peaceful Assyrian people as it has been Kurdish practice in the past 14 years.