Nuri Kino wins Swedish Blatte De Luxe Award

8/4/2006 2:12:00 AM
Nuri Kino wins Swedish Blatte De Luxe Award

On Sunday 29 of July 2006, the Blatte De Luxe awards were announced to the expecting audience in Stockholm, Sweden. The Blatte De Luxe is recognition of persons who make fine role models for the youth through their contributions to society.

Several Assyrians were among the contestants:

  • Schoolminister Ibrahim Baylan (Politics)
  • Josef Fares (Director)
  • Fares Fares (Theatre)
  • Daniel Boyaciouglu (Literature)
  • Nuri Kino (Journalism)

The Assyrian crowd was holding its breath. Finally, one of the five Assyrian nominees, Nuri Kino was announced as the winner with following words “Bei b.”

Nuri Kino, who comes from an immigrant background, is now one of the best investigative journalists of the Sweden. His numerous disclosures have lead to several law amendments and brought him many awards. He received votes from twenty most renowned Swedish journalists. Not long ago, on April 9, 2006, Nuri won the Golden Palm Award at the 6th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival.

In his appreciation speech, Nuri thanked everyone that had voted for him and said, "If I can make it, most people could, and if you want to make it, then you will. The road to success is tough, and I would be lying if I said otherwise, but now that I am standing here with shaky knees and looking at you, I must admit it was worth it. I have just started,” said Nuri.

He also said, “If I can, you can. If I manage to inspire one single person to change his way of thinking, to go for it and do something good with his life, then I have succeeded.”

At the end, all nine winners donated their prizes to the victims of war in Lebanon. The act which indeed added to the beauty of the event.