One procession for a Cause and a homeland: The path of slate 800

12/9/2005 4:39:58 AM
Assyrian General Conference / Slate 800

My beloved Assyrian nation’s voters… Yes… We have to vote… But what shall we do?

What shall we choose? Who am I to know what I’m doing? We vote for the best slate which represents our present time… Am I aware of this responsibility? Before you vote ask yourself, what am I going to do?

We have no other choice but to call things as they are… Not the other way around when others called submission reality and treachery rights.

We are not going to dwell on the brutal forgery which is practiced by those parties that have stricken the Assyrian national identity and adopted the clustered like name. These practices have been exposed and every one knows that they are just trying to move the tools of separation in the name of unity in order to direct a new theatrical production for an old theme.

Let’s ask ourselves what dignity is left for a nation that sells every thing even its values. My apologies but I didn’t except this description to compare what’s happening to our nation and its Cause today, striking the national identity, forgery, distortion, bargaining, and marginalization.

Two years and eight months have passed by since April 09th when the idol in Baghdad was removed, a legitimate question arises, what did we accomplish?

What did we realize whether positive or negative?

Where do we stand from the political game in the new Iraq?

Where is our Cause?

What have we done during all this period of time?

What were the consequences as a result of these actions and what were (if there were any), the mistakes, sins and disgrace?

At the same time what did we accomplish politically?

What rights were lawfully recognized for the Assyrians in the permanent Iraqi constitution as an indigenous Iraqi nationality and a deeply rooted people?

What are the rights which were obtained in equality with the other Iraqi groups?

How do we continue? What methods to follow? Where to? And do we have any one who is demanding our Assyrian nation’s rights?

Since the demise of the eradicated regime, we didn’t accomplish any thing except more dispersion, fragmenting to the level of hallucination amongst our people with all their religious, political and social institutions. The identity of our nation was further torn apart and doubted, our national rights were denied beginning with the Transitional Administration Law leading to the final blow turning us into refugees in our own homeland, and plundering our legitimate rights within the latest constitution.

As Assyrians we have to ask those who claimed to represent our nation in Iraq since the fall of Saddam, where are they heading? We say it without being ashamed and without being drawn behind individualistic interests … The future of the Assyrian nation shouldn’t be waged for the interests of individuals, organizations, movements or parties.

Enough is enough … It’s time for a change, it’s time for a political reform as the basis for progress, we need a decisive remedy and it’s in our interest to put an end to this hallucination and mockery. It’s time to give ourselves the chance to succeed … We want to reach our goal in the hopes of realizing some of which we’re aspiring for.

If we read the electoral platforms we shall see that today the Assyrian General Conference, slate 800 is the one who has adopted and is demanding our rights.

It’s a promise when they say, we believe that Iraq is the homeland of the fathers and forefathers, and believing that the conference’s decisions that were adopted by the Assyrian public were the honest and brave expressions of the Assyrians’ aspirations and ambitions which had remained confined for many long years. Hence, we’re endeavoring to bring the honest Assyrian voice to the centre of Iraqi political decisions, to bring about the Assyrian right on the land of the fathers and forefathers as a confirmation to our deep roots in this beloved homeland.

The Assyrian General Conference has formed its electoral slate 800 which include trustworthy and honest Assyrians from all the denominational groups of our Assyrian nation.

The Assyrian Conference was conceived and drew its existence from the support of our people thus it promises the daughters and sons of the Assyrian nation to move forward towards our legitimate goals and work for the following:

  1. To work on establishing an Assyrian federal region in the historical areas of our people without interfering with the unity of Iraq.
  2. To work on modifying the articles in the permanent constitution which are against the interests and ambitions of the Assyrian people.
  3. To work on providing the suitable conditions for the Assyrians to return to their original regions, returning the appropriated Assyrian villages and compensating their Assyrian owners for the damages.
  4. To work on repatriating the Assyrian immigrants and migrants since the establishment of the Iraqi State, giving them back their Iraqi citizenship and compensating them for the damages.
  5. Correcting the distortions of our history based on true scientific basis.

Let’s give them and ourselves the chance in the hopes of succeeding so that they can raise the voice on our behalf … Let’s vote for slate 800 … The voice, identity and rights of every Assyrian.

David Oraha is the Presidet of Assyrian Canadian Lobbying Committee (ACLC).

AssyriaTimes editor's note:

Due to the nature of Iraqi elections and multiple districts, we urge Assyrians of Baghdad and Diaspora to vote for slate 798, and Assyrians of Northern Iraq to vote for slate 800.