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10/6/2009 12:14:00 AM teams up with the Association Assyrophile de France

Sacramento, CA – October 2009 – Association Assyrophile de France is a small organization that was set up in 1987, in Toulouse France, by a group of young Assyrians who were “tired of seeing the older generations of Assyrians in France not preserving their culture for the future and for their children.”

The group started with Assyrian lessons, dance classes, Issa Benyamin calligraphy, and the replication of Ancient Assyrian seals, bas-reliefs, jewels, etc. The only teacher of Sureth classes got discouraged because it was necessary to convene the students at the same place at the same time, which was very difficult to do since some students lived many miles away and the teacher was an elderly man who could not do much traveling.

Jean-Paul Sliva, one of the avid members of the group, wrote in an email to Romil Benyamino, “I daresay we, Assyrians, have had one of the best appeals for the visitors in Toulouse. Many are surprised to even learn that our people still exist.”

Due to unfortunate events, which Jean-Paul Sliva kept private, the activities of the group in France have gradually reduced to a minimum; however, one of their latest and most important achievements is the setting up of two on-line dictionaries.

One is an Akkadian/English-French on-line dictionary, which has about 6,000 words as of today; the other is an Assyrian/English-French on-line dictionary, which has greater than 10,000 words as of today. Both dictionaries can easily be accessed and used from

Benyamino has volunteered to help Association Assyrophile de France with the online Assyrian/English-French dictionary to speed up the process and to have this tool completed sooner for the current and future generations.

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