9/22/2005 2:48:51 AM

YEREVAN - The visit paid to Armenia by a delegation of the Emirate of Sharja, UAE, has been effective, Emir of Sharja Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Kasimi stated during his visit to the Yerevan Institute of Ancient Manuscripts. The visit has been effective, especially from the point of view of establishing cooperation with academic circles, as well as in the cultural and economic spheres, he said. "It is, of course, the beginning, and we hope that we will develop our cooperation and consolidate our friendship," the Sharja Emir said. According to him, next week a special delegation of the Emirate is to visit Armenia to thoroughly discuss the issues discussed during the current visit.

Pointing out that his visit has coincided with the 14th anniversary of Armenia's independence, Al-Kasimi congratulated the Armenia people on the occasion. "I wish that Armenia overcome all its difficulties from this day and easily follow the way of development," he said.

During the visit to the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, Director of the Institute Ser Arevshatyan presented the Sharja Emir with the work entitled "Treatment of Horses" by the Assyrian scientist of the 13th century Faraj in ancient Armenian and German. According to Arevshatyan the present is the consideration of the Emir's love of this field of science. Arevshatyan added that although Faraj was an Assyrian, he was a representative of Arab scientific thought, and the Armenian translation of his book is evidence of Armenian-Arabian scientific and cultural relations. Arevshatyaan also stressed that the visit to Matenadaran contributes to these relations.