Press Release or Classic Deception?

11/9/2006 1:15:00 AM

Chaldean Bishop Sarhad Y. Jammo’s clumsy press release proves his deplorable denial of his national identity. In his stumbling through his so called press release, he has repeatedly contradicted himself. As if that was not bad enough, the English translation of the Arabic version of the release aims to deceive the people and the United States government.

In his press release titled “Iraqi Chaldeans, Assyrians and Syriacs are entitled to their full civil rights”, Bishop Jammo has misrepresented the national identity of the above denominations which all belong to one nation only, the Assyrian nation. The Arabic version of that title has only listed the Chaldeans as Iraqis, as if the other denominations are not Iraqis. This is not surprising since Bishop Jammo insulted the Assyrians of Catholic and Syriac church who were born in Iran or Syria as Persians and Arabs a few months ago!

Bishop Jammo has claimed the glory of the first Christian church in Mesopotamia failing to state that his Chaldean church was established in the 16th century. It was the Assyrian Church of the East, established since the beginning of Christianity that has endured the hardship under the Moslem rulers in Iraq; not the Chaldean church.

In his press release, Bishop Jammo is calling for a Christian autonomous self-administered region in the Nineveh Plain only, conveniently forgetting the Nohadra region in the northern Iraq where hundreds of Assyrian villages house thousands of Assyrian indigenous people of Iraq.

Bishop Jammo also suggests “the Christians of Iraq should be given a fair portion of the natural wealth of their forefathers”; but then immediately requests “the United States to recognize the refugee status and grant visas to the Iraqi Christians who were forced to flee Iraq”, ironically concluding his demands by “the American administration is urged to allocate a fair share of funds from the Economic Reconstruction Aid Program to help the Christian towns and Institutions of Iraq.”

Why does Bishop Jammo request funds for the very people he pleads to be helped with migration to the United States and emptying Iraq of Christians?