Private Purgatory by Helen Denkha

5/29/2005 9:12:12 AM
Private Purgatory

We’ve all heard the expression ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but no one had told me not to judge a book by its title. No, Private Purgatory isn’t about heaven and hell and the great unknown in between.

Surprisingly it is a murder/mystery. I found the reference to the title in the very first chapter. It is the opinion of one of the characters in the book that a criminal who has got away with his crime as far as the law is concerned, still has to live with his sin 24/7 and that is their own private hell.

There are a number of likeable characters in the book. Ryan the compassionate and slightly intense detective. Alan his best friend and partner who sees the lighter side of life and is always ready with a joke. Cassandra the lady who dreams of crimes before they take place, she is a bit of a mystery herself with her cryptic clues and dreams that Ryan has so much difficulty interpreting. (Cassandra doesn’t seem to have a surname).

But the character that I liked best is the large Italian housekeeper whose main concern in life is to see her family and all those around her being fed…nothing but home made food will do.

I guessed who had done it in the beginning….and had to keep guessing till the last chapter. It’s always sad when a normal ordinary person turns out to be a killer….but then aren’t all killers normal and ordinary people before their demons take over?

You won’t get any help from forensics and modern day profilers in this book, but if you like playing guessing games, you’ll enjoy Private Purgatory.

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Private Purgatory by Helen Denkha