Ramona Amiri one Step Closer to the Miss World Title

11/26/2005 8:08:26 AM

The Assyrian beauty, Ramona Rina Amiri - Miss World Canada, wins the "Traditional Dance" award which is one of the five awards of the Miss World Talent Show. The Talent Show contains of five categories:

  • Traditional Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Singing
  • Musical Instruments
  • Original Act
    • A winner was selected from each category. Out of the five winners, one will be fast tracked into the top 15 on the final in Sanya on 10th of December.

      Thanks to her rich Assyrian background, and belly dancing training, Ramona belly-danced her way to the top place for the Traditional Dance category. When asked about her belly dancing talent, Ramona mentioned how flexible her body is, to the point where she can even flip a coin over her stomach.

      Nearly 3,000 audiences gathered in the Rui'an stadium in China this year for Miss World Talent Show 2005. Excited crowd witnessed the high standard performance by 65 contestants who sang, danced, and performed their outstanding talent into the hearts of the people of Rui'an.

      For the first time in history of Miss World, people can enjoy voting for their desired contestant. You could vote on-line by visiting missworld.tv, and pay one US Dollar which would be used for charity programs.