Rostov Jewish Community Facilitates Inter-Ethnic Dialogue

6/16/2005 4:22:20 PM

ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia – The Jewish Community Center in Rostov-on-Don hosted a roundtable meeting between leaders of the national-cultural organizations run by the various ethnic Diasporas of this city. Gathered around the table of the library operated by the local Jewish community, participants in this roundtable discussed numerous issues, including the upcoming conference on inter-ethnic relations, which is soon to be held in Rostov-on-Don.

This multi-ethnic event involved leaders from 15 national-cultural institutions operating in the city, representing the interests of the Tatar, Greek, Ukrainian, Jewish, Belarus, Armenian, Assyrian, Ossetian and other ethnic communities involved in the Association of Ethnicities of the Don Region'. Through constructive dialogue, the participants set out to formulate recommendations for the approaching regional conference.

Thanks to some guidance from Mikhail Gelfer, a leader of the local Jewish community, the conference-goers arrived at a joint position, reflecting the interests of the various Diasporas participating in this conference. In addition to this, the national leaders put forward a number of proposals regarding the advancement of cooperation between the national Diasporas and local government authorities. "These proposals are aimed at advancing both inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations in the region, as well as mutual assistance," expressed Mikhail Gelfer.

The upcoming regional conference on inter-ethnic relations is scheduled to take place at the end of June and is being organized under the auspices of the Governor of the Rostov-on-Don Region, Vladimir Chub.