Save the Assyrian Village of Ain Baqra

8/23/2005 2:47:52 PM

The Village of Ain Baqra, which is located in the south-east of Alqush and owned by one person, is for sale. The inhabitants of this village can't buy it, and they are asking for the Assyrian Federation in Sweden and other Assyrian associations/individuals to help them. The Village is about 1740 Donim (Donim = 1000 square meters), each Donim is for $410, which means that it would cost about $410.000.

The inhabitant families of this village are:

Khoshaba Audisho Giwargis, Giwargis Talia Lazard, Audisho Tiodoros Israel, Lazard Iskhaq Lazard, Yonan Sliwa Binyamin, Potros Mushe Potros, Khanna Mikhael Mikhael, Eshu Mikhael Mikhael, Youel Giwargis Nissan, Binyamin Giwargis Nissan, Mriam Yaco Nissan, Samir Yalda Khoshaba, Shmouil Giwargis Khoshaba, Daniel Talia Qasha Oraha, Youshiya Daoud Shlimon, Giwargis Toma Simmon, Yousip Toma Dinkha, Qasha (Fr) Shlimon Eshu.

These people are calling you to save their village. Please follow up.

These people are calling you to save their village - please follow up.

The inhabitants should immediately establish a temporary board to deal with this problem and organize the financial tranfers by contacting people and reciveing the money.