Talabani’s Historical Blunder

4/23/2006 8:30:17 PM

Kurdish leader, Jalal Talabani is the second time appointed President to war torn Iraq for the next four years. Fictitious promises of democracy by U.S. officials are nothing but wishful thinking on their part to eventually drawdown American forces from Iraq. Iraq will suffer higher degree of insecurity and instability than it has for the past three years.

Talabani’s presidential speech on Saturday, April 22, 2006 set the tone of yet another non-democratic Parliament when he failed to acknowledge the Assyrians, the purposefully forgotten ethnic in Iraq. This was not just a simple lapse of memory on Talabani’s part. Denial of the existence of hundreds of thousands of Assyrians, especially in the heartland of Assyria (Northern Iraq) has been the policy of Kurdish Parliament and indirectly supported by World Democracy Advocate, The United States and western media in general. All we ever hear is about Arabs (Shiite and Sunnis) and Kurds in Iraq.

Millions of dollars have been spent by Kurds to bribe some Assyrian political and religious leaders in Iraq to carry out the ethnocide policy which was initiated by Saddam’s Baath regime against the Assyrians who are the indigenous people of Iraq. Basically, post liberation Kurdification replaced pre-liberation Arabization. Condolesa Rice’s comment “The Iraqis are now well on their way to formation of a government of national unity” was a gross misrepresentation of the reality in Iraq, where its oldest nationality continues to be oppressed and remains without any national and political representation in the government after three years under the watchful eyes of the world.

One of the several Assyrian political parties, the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM), also known as Zowaa, headed by a high rank Baath member, Younadam Kanna has become a violent tool in the hands of Iraqi politicians like Jalal Talabani. Up until the fall of Saddam, ADM artfully presented its platform to be gaining national and political rights for the Assyrians. But, the liberation of Iraq revealed ADM’s hidden agenda, set by Kurdish occupiers of Assyrian villages to neglect their national aspiration and instead accept a Christian seat in Iraqi Parliament. A religious seat, barren of any political and national value.

President George Bush, Secretary of State Condolesa Rice, U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and other U.S. officials working behind the scene and standing behind the second time selected President Talabani continue to send a gloomy message to the peaceful Assyrian Christians of Iraq, “If you do not organize militias, if you refuse to resort to suicide bombings and senseless insurgency in Iraq you will not be noticed and your national and political rights will definitely be denied”.

What are the Assyrians of Iraq to do at this point? Should they continue to fearfully sneak into their partially bombed churches to pray the new Prime Minister al-Maliki would recognize their existence to keep his promise of “cementing national unity and regaining security” within his 30 days deadline? Should they stop being civilized toward the foreign troops in Iraq, as they have been in the last three years? Should they stop being grateful to thousands of American families for sacrificing lives of their sons and daughters in Iraq? Or should they launch a search team to locate the suddenly invisible, independent de-Baathification committee which vowed to clean Iraq of all remnants of high rank Baath members such as Younadam Kanna who will most likely occupy the Christian seat in the new Parliament again with the help of Talabani, whom Kanna refers to as “Daddy”?

A Democratic system would never appoint a president who has made a habit of conveniently denying the very existence of the only indigenous people of the land. The proud Assyrian people around the world expect a presidential apology from Mr. Talabani for ignoring his presidential duty of being just and fair to all the people he is supposed to lead.