The 9th Annual Telethon

4/15/2005 7:45:50 PM

It is our pleasure to announce the Ninth Annual AssyriaVision, KBSV TV Channel 23, and AssyriaSat Telethon, which will take place this Saturday and Sunday, April 16 & 17, 2005, 12:00 noon to 12:00 am (California time) on both days.

These Annual Telethons are conducted to allow current members renew their membership, as well as recruiting new members for the one and only Assyrian National Media. AssyriaSat is the only Assyrian media that reaches the Assyrian people worldwide, spreads the Assyrian message, protects, preserves, and supports the Assyrian language, culture, history, values, and fights for the Assyrian national and historical rights in Assyria (currently known as Iraq). AssyriaSat is the best, most powerful and reliable Assyrian media in the world!

The Annual Telethon has become an enjoyable and much anticipated tradition among the Assyrians. Hundreds of local Assyrians visit the station during the two days annual event to become members or renew their membership, enjoy the great food and drinks, and live entertainment provided by the famous Assyrian singers and musicians. Non-local Assyrian viewers watch the two days, 12 hours a day entertainment and fundraising event on their Television screens, call the station to make their pledge over the phone, e-mail their pledge to and some even speak to their brethrens on the air expressing their pride and joy in the only Assyrian media that speaks by them, for them, & in their holy name and language!

Membership fees at the AssyriaVision & AssyriaSat are $120.00 U.S Dollars per year. Different payment options are offered to accommodate everyone. You could choose to make a single payment of $120.00, or make a monthly payment of $10.00. You could pay your membership fees in person at the station, mail a personal check, or charge the fees on your credit card. We encourage you to keep your receipts as your donations to this non-profit, educational Channel are Tax Deductible.

With the enthusiasm, support, and dedication of our current members, sponsors, as well as our entire volunteer staff, AssyriaVision & AssyriaSat have enriched the national spirit of our nation, and raised the awareness of the Assyrian Cause among the Assyrians and non-Assyrians. Viewers of AssyriaSat have labeled this media “The virtual Assyrian Government”! Help your Assyrian Television stand strong by renewing your membership or becoming new members, is that simple. There is so much more to be done for our people, which will only be accomplished by your support and commitment, so become our partners!

AssyriaSat staff promises you an enjoyable experience; don’t miss the opportunity to participate. We look forward to see you all this weekend.


Janet Shummon,
Director of Mass Media Committee<.p>