The Assyrian Language Printed on “I Am Cisco" T-Shirt

12/8/2010 2:33:00 PM
The Assyrian Language Printed on “I Am Cisco" T-Shirt

The new Cisco "I Am CISCO" t-shirt has a text written in Assyrian language. The Assyrian text reads, "Ana Eewen", which it means "I am". Many thanks to Pete Lada, Paul Benjamin (Assyrian), Azin Dashtipour, and Tara Mehdipour for their fantastic design.

The “I am Cisco” design was voted for by over 1,400 Cisco employees worldwide. This design represents the theme Unity through Diversity by repeating the phrase “I am Cisco” in 22 languages from around the globe. Not only are you making a strong statement by wearing this t-shirt but you are also making a difference in the world since $1 from the sale of this t-shirt is donated to the Feeding America and Save the Children charities. This brilliant design is printed on the back of a 6.1 ounce 100% pre-shrunk cotton heavyweight t-shirt.

Pete Lada of the designers group writes:

"Hopefully most of you were aware of the Cisco t-shirt design contest going on worldwide for the past couple of weeks. If you weren't, the contest was simple: design a shirt which symbolizes what Cisco means to you, something that is both universal and simple enough to be worn. With that in mind, an initial small group of Y-spacers - Paul Benjamin, Azin Dashtipour, Tara Mehdipour, and myself - decided to take a stab at it, kicking off a process which would result in a big Y-space win.

First we had to decide on a theme. Over the course of a few Webex meetings we ultimately settled on the idea of "unity through diversity" - attempting to highlight Cisco's multicultural atmosphere and global presence. To emphasize this point, we decided to include nearly 25 languages from all over the world, making sure to neither under or over represent any region or culture. We opted to make the translated text "I Am Cisco" - a phrase which we believe references the individual empowerment given to employees at Cisco.

Finally, we turned to the team at large for help. Through a series of IMs, phone calls, and late-night e-mails, we were able to use the team's extensive knowledge to accurately translate the text to complete the shirt. This was made simpler in no small part to Jakob Kiblbock who helped us translate nearly 30 languages. It truly was a global collaborative effort."

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