The Assyrian Nation is Forging Ahead with the Referendum

4/6/2005 7:51:36 PM

The Assyrian National Referendum Committee has been receiving hundreds of requests from the Assyrian people around the world, requesting Referendum forms. Every week thousands of Referendum forms are being mailed, e-mailed and faxed to Assyrians scattered in countries of all 5 continents. Only 18 days after the National referendum was officially launched, the committee has heard from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Greece, Russia, Ghazaghestan, Armenia, Ukraine, Australia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Qatar, and Libya.

The welcoming attitude we are witnessing from the Assyrian people truly makes this national Referendum a historical event. These people are members of the Assyrian nation from all its Christian denominations. These are people who in the past, some even in the present, support different Assyrian political parties. Some are people who have never been involved in the Assyrian national and political matters. Yet, they all have unified by what they have in common. They all have self respect, therefore value their true national identity as the Assyrians. They all are true Christians who feel responsible to help their Assyrian brothers and sisters in Iraq by participating in the Referendum and most even take the initiative to gather more names. They all are anxious to find out for once and all how many Assyrians exist around the world. Last, but not least, they are all fed up with the current injustice the Assyrian people are subjected to in Iraq.

Many young Assyrians are actively gathering more names for the Referendum in their high schools, colleges, and university. Everyday more and more Assyrian merchants are displaying the Referendum forms in their stores to be accessible to their Assyrian customers. Assyrian internet users are mass e-mailing the Referendum form to their personal e-mail lists. People go through their phone/address books and make a list of every Assyrian family, friend or acquaintance that they can mail the Referendum forms to.

The transition of a nation who until just a couple months ago was mostly passive toward the Assyrian events into what we are witnessing now resembles the transition from a long cold winter season directly into a beautiful spring season.

God had blessed the Assyrian people a long time ago when He named this nation after his own name “Ashur”, and now He is granting them the courage to take a stand and demand their historical and national rights in their homeland Assyria (Iraq).