The Assyrian World Leader Met With The Governor Of West Azarbaijan, Iran

5/25/2005 5:25:36 PM

IRNA - In his visit to West Azarbaijan on Sunday, the Assyrian world leader, Patriarch Mar Dinkha IV, met with the Governor of the State.

During this meeting, which took place in the Governor’s Hall, the Assyrian World Leader expressed his contentment with the peaceful and amiable relations between the Moslems and the religious minorities of Iran.

Patriarch Mar Dinkha said, “It is not only the duty of the authorities, but the duty of everyone to respect the laws and the legislations of the Country, in order to create an environment where everyone can live in comfort and brotherly peace. Anyone who loves God and has faith must obey the laws, and we, the responsible religious figures, must invite our congregation to adhere to those laws.”

The Assyrian World Leader added, “If laws are obeyed, all the people of the world can live in peace and harmony next to each other.”

During this meeting, the Governor of West Azarbaijan, Mr. Jamshid Ansari elaborated about the positive role the Assyrians and the Christian play in Iran.

Mr. Ansari said, “Iranian citizens, including the religious minorities are responsible for the level of comfort and growth that followed the victorious Islamic Revolution of Iran. There can not be an arena where the presence of a religious minority is absent or insignificant.”

Governor Ansari added, “The Christian minorities have sacrificed significant number of Martyrs in the most important occurrences of the Country, the imposed war and the revolution. Among the ethnic minorities, our Assyrian people are the most involved in execution of the politics and the government’s programs, therefore, we experience no problem with the Assyrian population.”

Ansari also said, “All the religious societies have God Al Mighty as their common denominator. This huge factor has been most helpful to live in peace and harmony next to each other in this world.”

The Assyrian World Leader has spent the last three days visiting the Assyrians and their churches in West Azarbaijan.