The Eighth General Assembly of the Assyrian National Congress

4/26/2007 1:22:00 AM
Participants at the Eighth General Assembly of the Assyrian National Congress

The Eighth General Assembly of the Assyrian National Congress met at the Assyrian Cultural Center of Bet-Nahrain in Ceres, California (USA) on March 24-25, 2007. More than 170 Assyrian delegates from 12 countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran, United Arab Emirates/Dubai, Japan, Armenia, Australia, Holland, Britain, Denmark, Canada and the United States) attended the General Assembly. Delegates included a high number of prominent national activists from all Assyrian religious denominations.

Officials and representatives from the following major Assyrian national and political entities were present: Assyrian Universal Alliance, Assyrian National Congress, Assyrian Democratic Movement, Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party, Assyrian Democratic Party, Ashur liberation Party (Furkono), Save the Assyrians Campaign and Assyrian Intellectuals and Writers Association of Iraq.

Participants at the Eighth General Assembly of ANC included Dr. Hamid Al-Baiati, the Iraqi Ambassador at the United Nations, Ambassador Christopher Ross, from the U.S. Department of State, Mr. Aaron Pina, from the Department of State's Office of International Religious Freedom, and Dr. Muhsen Shabout, the ANC's Advisor for Iraqi Affairs. The Congress received a large number of supporting and congratulatory e-mails, letters and telephone calls from friendly Iraqi parties, Assyrian organizations, and Assyrian church prelates, especially a historic letter from His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV, the Catholicos Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East.

The delegates renewed their commitment to defend the Assyrian historic identity and gain recognition for the Assyrians worldwide. They appreciated the efforts of ANC to further our national objectives. A committee of nine prominent Assyrians was appointed to study the feasibility of forming an Assyrian International Confederation. The AIC shall function as the social, cultural, and educational arm of the Assyrian nation and will consist of Assyrian social and educational institutions worldwide.

Representatives of the Assyrian national and political entities, in the presence of all attending delegates, held a "Joint Conference" to discuss the present situation of the Assyrian people in Iraq. They agreed to form an "Assyrian Parliament" consisting of 50 members. These "Guardians" will be appointed to the "Assyrian Parliament" at a special conference to be held in Tehran, Iran within the next three months. In addition, the attending representatives agreed to work jointly to further the following national agenda in Iraq:

  1. To seek a free, united, pluralistic and democratic Iraq. The Assyrians condemn all sorts of terrorism in our homeland.
  2. To secure the Assyrian national and historic identity and language in the Iraqi constitution and all "regional constitutions" in Iraq.
  3. To affirm that the Assyrians are the indigenous people of Iraq. An Assyrian, regardless where he/she was born is entitled to Iraqi citizenship. Assyrians must be compensated for their losses.
  4. To secure the Assyrian national rights in Iraq. Our people are entitled to an "Assyrian State" in northern Iraq. This "state" must have full autonomy and be under the authority of the central government in Baghdad.

The attending delegates acknowledged the efforts of Bet-Nahrain Organization, the hosting affiliate, and its AssyriaSat Television Network in making this a most successful congress. Special thanks were conveyed to Dr. Muhsen Shabout and Mr. Aniss Attala for their support and organizational skills.

Long live the Assyrian people

Long live all Iraqi nationalities

Press Office
Assyrian National Congress
March 26, 2007


8th ANC Declaration (English)

8th ANC Declaration (Arabic)