The Kidnapping of an Assyrian Engineered by Armed Militia

4/5/2007 10:00:00 PM
Fredrick John Shimshon Al-Bazi kidnapped in Iraq

On Tuesday the 3rd of April at 01:30, Fredrick John Shimshon Al-Bazi, an Assyrian engineer and an expert in mineral resources was kidnapped by unknown armed militias as he was returning home from his office in Amiriya.

Al-Bazi was born in 1943, and he completed his postgraduate studies in civil engineering in Briton. He served his country since 1967, more than 39 years as an academic in Baghdad, and Al-Mustansiriya Universities, as an executive director of one of the main bureaus concerned with irrigation and reformation, and as deputy minister for Iraqi Mineral Resources.

According to eye witness reports, Al-Bazi was kidnapped by fully covered and armed individuals riding an Opal vehicle. They also reported that he was beaten severely before he was taken away.

Again the adversaries of humanity demonstrate their deep hatred towards the indigenous people of the land, the heirs of the Assyrian nation. The nation that sacrificed and continues to sacrifice everything that is dear, for the sake of our beloved Iraq, the land of our forbearers.