The Latest Kurdish Attempt To Undermine Iraqi Voters Is Defused

10/5/2005 10:29:12 PM

BAGHDAD, Oct 5 – The opponents of Iraq’s draft constitution took heart today after the United Nations objected the latest attempt by Kurds to undermine Iraqi voters.

Well aware of the growing number of Assyrians, Sunnis, Yezidiz, Shabaks, and Turkmen’s who threaten to reject the pro Shiite and Kurd constitution on October 15, Kurds suggested that only two-thirds of the voters who had voted in January can defeat the constitution, rather than two-thirds of those who will actually cast their ballot in October. Kurds blocked the Assyrians votes in January election, and Sunnis had boycotted the elections all together. This time, Kurds feel threatened by the overwhelming opposition to their aggression, thus tried to produce a clause which would undermine the number of “No” votes.

Under pressure from the United Nations and other countries, the Shiite and Kurdish dominated parliament put a stop to this endeavor and the word “voters” was clearly defined by the National Assembly as those who will show up at the polls and cast their vote.