The real statistics on the Chaldean Catholic Church members in Iraq are revealed

7/25/2005 5:07:57 AM

Ever since the fall of Saddam’s regime in March 2003, the Chaldean church authorities with the assistance of some Assyrian political parties have been working around the clock to destroy the Assyrian identity, by changing our ancient national Assyrian name to a combined religious name, ChaldoAssyrian. Their selling pitch to achieve their unholy and unethical plan was because they claimed that the Chaldean Catholic Church has a much bigger population than the rest of the Assyrian denominations in Iraq. Their false claim of 850,000 (sometimes a million) Chaldeans in Iraq, has been exposed.

According to statistics released by CNEWA (Catholic Near East Welfare Association) in July 2005, there are only 203,697 Chaldeans living in Iraq! These newly found statistics were exposed on AssyriaSat this week.

30% of the 203,697 Chaldeans in Iraq are intelligent and educated enough to distinguish between their national identity and their church denomination, and identify themselves as Assyrians. That leaves only 142,587 Assyrians in Iraq who identify themselves by their church denomination, as Chaldeans. There is also an unknown number out of the 142,587 individuals who also identify themselves as Arab Christians or Kurdish Christians, depending on the circumstances.

The proud Assyrian people are honored to have maintained their historical Assyrian identity, even when they had no reason to doubt the false claims of the Chaldeans. The release of these statistics at this critical time in our history is yet another proof that God protects the people who called after His own name, Ashur, and intends for the Assyrians to remain the few but the proud, and exposes those who are in fact few, but so ashamed once their lies become public.

Please click to download the statistics from following two places:

Source: The Eastern Catholic Churches 2005 - Annuario Pontificio

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