The Success of the Assyrian Schools in Booster Program

8/3/2009 9:53:00 PM
Deena Kushaba and Linda Dinkha have been driving Booster Program committee.

The Assyrian Schools, located in Sydney's South West, was selected to be a part of the Fresh Tastes @ School Booster Program in 2008.

With Approximately 750 students from Kindergarten to Year 10 the school decided it was in the best interests of the students that the canteen fully comply with the Fresh Tastes @ School Strategy. The school wanted to adopt a wholistic approach to developing healthy food choices for canteen to provide the students with an improved canteen menu with a variety of GREEN items, to high nutritional value. Staff were keen to explore menu ideas and strategies to encourage the students to make healthy food choices and at the same time, educate them about the importance of healthy eating.

Since being enrolled into the Booster Program a fully functioning canteen committee is now in operation. The committee have been working very hard as a team to achieve the outcomes of the Booster Program, in particular offering a healthy canteen menu fully compliant with the Fresh Tastes@School Strategy. Deena Kushaba and Linda Dinkha have been driving this committee. The committee now meets on a regular basis and is represented by entire school community.

The menu at The Assyrian School canteen is now full of great tasting fresh healthy Green 'fill the menu' items and all of the RED 'occasional' items have been removed. A fantastic new Summer and Winter menu has been introduced, which includes fresh daily specials.

These specials include:

  • Salads
  • Pastas
  • Fried Rice
  • Burgers
  • Soup

The fruit salads, tuna salads and yoghurts have been the most popular with the students and are selling out daily.

The school has also been engaging in several activities to link the canteen with the classroom to further promote the healthy eating message. The art students are designing menu boards and 'healthy food' murals to be placed around the canteen, including a life-sized 'Vegie Man'. Theme days, including Healthy Bones Week and Fruit 'n' Veg Week have also been introduced. The Year 9 students are helping to serve in the canteen, and the Crunch'n'Sip Program has been successfully implemented into the infants school.

Congratulations to Deena, Linda, the Canteen Managers and the entire canteen team at the Assyrian Schools on working together to meet the outcomes of the Booster Program and for introducing such a fantastic healthy canteen menu.

The Fresh Tastes @ School Booster Program is a support program aimed at high schools that have not fully implemented, or may need extra assistance in implementing the Fresh Tastes @ School Strategy. If you would like information on the Fresh Tastes @ School Booster Program, please contact Kay Ellison on 9876 1300 or