Those Confused Confuciuses Among us Please do Confess!

Some say the way is through a congress, some are after a conference, others collect plenty of admirable words like “Interim Committee for the Government of Assyria” with poetic flavor, but this writer thinks Assyrian National Referendum.

After all, none of us is a professional archer who zaps the target at the first glance, am I enough frank? Perhaps we are missing the arching gene from Ashur, the Master of all archers.

It is year 2005 of the 21st century AC and we have only three months left to the Iraqi New Constitution. Indeed, in three months a lot could happen, such as the fall of Nineveh!

“A combined force of Medes, Scythians, and Babylonian sieges Nineveh, the capital of Assyria, and the city fell within three months.”

We are racing against time, the fourth dimension we never seem to have enough of! All the plans mentioned are great, even civilized and democratic I would say, but there are problems when your bow has many strings.

Division is our barrier among our 1500 years old churches, among our few decades old political parties, not to mention among our numerous tribes. How many three months have we wasted and missed unity ship? 6000 three months by our churches, a minimum of 80 by our political parties, and 2000 periods of three months by our tribalism. These are simple calculations of the Assyrians’ complicated internal division.

The main idea of an Assyrian government outside our invaded homeland, Assyria, is brilliant, especially a democratic one. But, do we know where all our people are? What our population is? Or, how many eligible voters Assyrians have?

We cannot establish a government without a congress. We cannot have a congress elected by the people and a constitution supported by the voters without an election. We cannot have an election without proper information as to whereabouts of our nation. We cannot have that information without the Assyrian National Referendum. Let’s take this first step.

Khaya Atour