Turkish police knew about the planning of the murder of Hrant Dink

3/15/2008 11:47:00 AM

The Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was murdered in daylight on the street in Constantinople (Istanbul) on January 19th 2007. Shortly after the murder an 18-year old was arrested and a couple of days later several persons were arrested for planning the murder on Hrant Dink.

Besides the murderer Ogün Samast, Yasin Hayal was also arrested, he appeared to be the head figure and the brain behind the murder of Hrant Dink. Yasin Hayal and several other persons are members of a gang which is known under the name “Big Brother” (Abi Cetesi). At the arrest, gang members proudly propagated openly that a treacherous voice had been silenced. Recently the trial of the murder of Hrant Dink was held. And several astonishing facts have been revealed.

Ramazan Akyürek, the responsible chief of the secret service in the city of Trabzon, warned the police in Istanbul about the threat against Hrant Dink.

The city of Trabzon, which lies at the coast of the Black Sea, is associated with several attacks against Christians, among others Andrea Santoro, who was murdered by a 16-year old boy on January 5th 2006.

With a letter Ramazan Akyürek requested the police in Istanbul to take measures to prevent a possible attack against Hrant Dink. According to information that was presented during the trial, the Istanbul police chose to not take the warnings seriously and that they did not take any measures.

The police officer Muhittin Zenit, who signed the letter that was sent to the Istanbul police, stated during the trial that they had done everything they could, but that it was the Istanbul police which had not done their job.

The most astonishing statement was made by police officer Muhittin Zenit, who said “We had reported the secret service information further, I tried to persuade Yasin Hayal not to make the attack.“ With that concrete information, the police in Trabzon informed the Istanbul police about the plans of the murder of Hrant Dink. This shows that the police and the murderers also went hand in hand before the murder of Hrant Dink.

The newspaper Hürriyet reports about the information that was brought up in the trial with the headline: “I warned the Istanbul police, but they couldn’t protect Hrant”.