Two Thumbs Up For AssyriaSat!

4/18/2005 10:35:47 PM

AssyriaVision and AssyriaSat’s Founder, Staff, Sponsors, New, and Old members are delighted by the amount of donations received during the two days of the 9th Annual Telethon which took place on April 16 and 17, 2005. Everyone was astonished as the phones kept ringing and pledges kept rolling in even after the final grand total of $100,000 was announced, raising the total to over $102,000 and amazingly enough still rising!

Ms. Janet Shummon, Director of the Mass Media Committee, and the manager of the annual Telethon said: “a single person could have donated this grand total in one single donation, but it would not have been as special as the fact that hundreds of Assyrian people each had a part in this great success.” Ms. Shummon also expressed her appreciation to everyone who had a part in making this year’s Telethon victorious, especially Mr. Dan Ivanof, a volunteer experienced accountant and internal auditor of the annual Telethon program year after year.

Amounts of the donations varied as the donors and supporters of AssyriaSat belong to various levels of the Assyrian society. The largest single donation was made by the founder of AssyriaSat, Dr. Sargon Dadesho, rounding up the total of $84,090 to 100,000! His $15,910 contribution stirred many sentiments and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Dr. Dadesho’s generosity, on top of the fact that he has devoted his life to serve the Assyrian people, day in, and day out, for the past 31 years, nailed yet another solid point in the heart of the Assyrian people worldwide.

More than 27 hours of Live Telethon program, AssyriaSat staff and some members along with a few of the participating Assyrian singers who stayed till the last minute, closed the two days exhausting, yet joyful program with patriotic songs, Assyrian dance, cheers, and tears of joy at around 2:00 am, pacific time Monday April 18, 2005.

Hundreds of calls were made to AssyriaSat’s five phone lines dedicated to the Telethon, from the Assyrians and even some non-Assyrians around the world. One of the highlights of Sunday night’s Telethon was when a call came from one of our country men, Mr. Jasim Alshamar who was calling from Mousel, Nineveh province of Iraq. Mr. Alshamar’s emotional remarks on the air were in Arabic and the call was one of those historical calls that remind everyone how eternal the Assyrian nation truly is! Among many emotional statements, Mr. Alshamar identified himself as a descendent of the Sumerians (Assyrians), even though he is a Moslem. He fervently emphasized that the entire Iraq is the land of Assyria (Ashur), denouncing the false claims of a region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, and pronounced that what is wrongfully called Kurdistan, is in fact the region of Assyria (Aghleem Ashur)!

Mr. Alshamar affectionately praised the AssyriaSat for its fierce commitment to protect and preserve the Assyrian name and identity. Furthermore, he said: “what I love about your AssyriaSat is that unlike the others, you always urge and request a united Iraq, and that has earned the Assyrian people and the AssyriaSat a great deal of respect and honor among the Iraqi people.” Mr. Alshamar ended his emotional call by shouting “Yahya Ashur! Yahya Ashur!” which means “Long Live Assyria! Long Live Assyria!” in Arabic language.

In conclusion, call after call, and comment after comment from the visiting audience at Bet-Nahrain Cultural Center in Ceres, California, the nest of the AssyriaVision and AssyriaSat studio, strongly encouraged the AssyriaVision and AssyriaSat’s officials and staff to continue their resolve and never tiring strive toward the Assyrian Cause by utilizing the power of this single, most influential, global Assyrian media. Hundreds of this year’s Telethon participants showed their commitment to the Assyrian Cause by accomplishing two great tasks at once by taking the opportunity to turn in, complete, request, and pick up more Assyrian National Referendum forms.