U.S. Congresswoman Pressed by Baath Conspirators

1/20/2007 8:50:00 AM

Some elements of conspiracy against the Assyrian identity, the Assyrian national church, and the Assyrians’ political, national, and land rights in Iraq are trying to influence the U.S. Congress through the Assyrian Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo.

In a draft resolution presented to Ms. Eshoo which reveals the plotters ultimate scheme, the Assyrian identity was originally kept intact, but later on it was altered by the Chaldean church prelates, and some elements of the Baathist conspirators to reflect the detested combined names. This Baath policy of ethnocide and cultural genocide against the Assyrians began during the last years of Saddam’s regime and evidently is carried on by the remnants of his regime.

The ultimate goal of this draft resolution is to gain administrative rights in the Plain of Nineveh for the minorities in Iraq under the pretence of concern for the most vulnerable minorities. All this is done under a ridiculous Baath invented combined name of Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriacs. The “Assyrian” name is our national identity as the world’s museums, history, and thousands of archeological sites remaining in Iraq attest to this fact. Chaldean is the religious denomination of the Assyrians who belong to the Roman Catholic Church. Syriac is the religious denomination of the Assyrians who belong to the Syrian churches. With so many church denominations in the United States, would any member of the congress present a resolution that calls the American people as: American/Evangelical/Baptist/Presbyterian/First Methodist/Catholic/etc, etc, a ridiculous combined name that looks like a freeway during the rush hour? Would any American adopt a combined name that deludes and minimizes their true “national identity” with denominational names or faith for that matter?

Would Congresswoman Eshoo present this draft resolution to the U.S. Congress despite the Assyrian people’s protest? Would the elected congress of the most democratic and powerful country in the world approve the ethnocide of a nation (known as the cradle of civilization) on the brinks of extinction? Would U.S. congress take as much time discussing this resolution (if submitted) as they do debating the rights of some species at risk of extinction?

The draft resolution is missing the most important element which is what the overwhelming majority of the Assyrians aspire for in their homeland, Iraq. The Assyrians nation did not sacrifice hundreds of thousands of Martyrs in the past 100 years, and the exodus of over 250,000 Assyrians since the liberation of Iraq to face ethnocide and cultural genocide by Baath trained and Vatican supported conspirators in America, the land of freedom. An Administrative unit in the Plain of Nineveh as proposed in that draft resolution will demolish this indigenous people of Iraq their political, national, and land rights in the Nohadra and Dohuk region as well as the Plain of Nineveh beyond recovery. The conspirators ask for the Administrative unit in the Plain of Nineveh to gain enough grounds to build their own financial empire. Some of these rich businessmen conspirators are and have been under investigation for their misappropriation of funds, tax evasion, shabby business deals, and connections to the late Baath regime for some time.

AssyriaTimes sources indicated Congresswoman Eshoo has kept this draft resolution in hiatus because she is interested to hear from the Assyrian people around the world. Ms. Eshoo would certainly not want to risk her political career especially among her Assyrian constituencies in Santa Clara County.

The most supported Assyrian media, the Assyrian Global Satellite Television Network, AssyriaSat has called upon the Assyrians around the world to contact Congresswoman Anna Eshoo to inform her they oppose any kind of tampering with their ancient national identity and to remind her that the Assyrians’ rightful demands are an “Autonomous region” under the Assyrian name in the regions of Nohadra, Dohuk, and the Plain of Nineveh where the Assyrians have inhabited from the beginning of time.

The Assyrian National Congress (ANC), Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party (BNDP), the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA), and some Assyrian Church of the East (ACOE) authorities will meet with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and contact other Congressmen and women to show their opposition to the draft resolution.

The following are a few samples of the types of correspondence mailed to Congresswoman Eshoo by the Assyrian people:

Dear Congresswoman Anna Eshoo,

I have been always proud to see you representing our nation best of what you can be as an American, a brave woman, but also as an Assyrian. I am proud and always jubilant of you.

But my dear Congresswoman, I am of Assyrian nationality, and Chaldean as a church adherent.

Please don't call my beautiful Assyrian nation mistakenly diluting it with many other church denominations, and misleading appellations. Especially, as a Democrat, you firmly believe in the separation of the State and religion, why then try to divert the truth? Our Forefathers' relics and statues are out-crying all together in one voice asking us not to forget them. They all are known to the world as Assyrians. So please don't let the spirit of our forefathers, the beloved Assyrians die in vain.

Keep Assyria not only in your heart but as always in your sincere work. We urge you to work on your latest great resolution under one nation's name, ASSYRIAN.

Thank you

Nissan Odisho
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Congresswoman Anna Eshoo,

I wanted to congratulate you on your great achievements in the U.S. Congress. However, I wanted to also give my sincere opinion to your latest representation of the Assyrians in Iraq. You have for some reasons misrepresented the name of the Assyrians as ChaldoAssyrian. I wanted to add that our ancient roots come from the Assyrian Empire, more so I would like for you to not use the compounded name which will jeopardize the Assyrian Christians of Iraq by calling them AssyrianChaldean or use other compounded names to identify our Assyrian Christian people in Iraq. I am an Assyrian myself, and I very preciously hold my name and identity which is under attack to undermine my people's heritage, culture, and ethnic rights in their homeland. The Assyrians have always used the name ASSYRIAN to be used to identify the people which are the indigenous people of modern day Iraq (ancient Assyria).

I would always support you on your quest to better serve our American Nation and to also serve our Assyrian nation as well. God Bless you.


Los Angeles

Dear Congresswoman Anna Eshoo,

The draft resolution that you have prepared to submit to the house in regards to Assyrians in Iraq contains misleading and dangerous information. Overall the draft resolution is wrong and I as an American and an Assyrian do not deserve to be misrepresented in the congress of the United States nor am I willing to accept misleading and confusing information about my Assyrian name and heritage.

I am not writing you this to place blame upon your good work that you perform for all of us Americans.

I am however holding you responsible for attempting to submit a draft resolution to the house that contains errors and will lead in wiping out my beloved Assyrian history, name and nation.

Considering the excellent track record of your work and taking into consideration the overall indifference the American public has about Assyrians I would like to request from you the draft resolution to be corrected and modified to contain correct information and only the name Assyrian.

After all you have been the victim of a group of self indulging, greedy gang ridden puppets that have historically proven to work for the enemies of Assyrians. And if the house receives the draft resolution then our house will in turn be the victim. I do not want to see our government to be the victim of misinformation not I want to see you loosing credibility as the result of that.

I remain true in my opinion.

Yours truly,

Youlia Ghorbani
San Jose, California