We are Assyrians from Assyria…

8/29/2006 5:11:51 AM

Our people are suffocating with the stench of desperation and betrayal, the smell of misery and disease, the smell of bitter loss, and painful suffering.

Let’s remove from our midst all the thoughts of weakness and incapacity…

The first thing that we can conclude of this phrase is the difference between the secondary matters and the substantial principles.

We are a nation hanging between life and death and its destiny depends on the plan and the direction which we will draw for ourselves. Are we a lively nation? This question requires a frank answer so as to find out the most effective method to end the grief.

The question is simple, and very clear, but it’s a serious one and its importance is in the insight of those who would look into the human values, ways of thinking and the philosophical goals. A nation gains its name mostly from the land or the people who would be in a certain land. Are we a nation? This question also means "What are we?"

We are a history, we are a culture, we are a language and we have our national identity and our land where we were born, its name is Assyria (Ashur) the land of Ashur was ruled by 117 Kings; this land which is known as the Cradle of Civilizations, its sons wrote a great history… We are Assyrians from Assyria … Assyria the land ... Assyria the country.

Every Assyrian who wants to see his/her nation free, prevalent and dignified must carve this principle deep into their hearts. The connection between the nation and the homeland, the land of Assyria is the only principle… Out of this principle, the Assyrian National Cause is totally independent of any other matter.

The unity of the nation makes us move towards understanding the reality which is the nation instead of straying behind the forms of logic and exchanging words; solely with such certainty victory can be achieved, having faith in our principles, our truth, our glory, and that we are the Cause.