Why I Refuse to Vote?

10/10/2008 11:24:00 AM

Every time there is an election, there is the usual well intended public campaign to encourage voting. I am perhaps being cynical but I do not wish to participate in a process that for all intents and purposes is devoid of legitimacy. The fundamental topic of this commentary pertains to foreign policy and the defector media blackout of certain issues, but the farce that constitutes present day politics deserves at least a slight mention as can be seen by the intellectually bankrupt displays that were showcased at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this past summer. Both of them constituted nothing more than entertainment value.

There is a documentary film entitled, "Days Made of Fear" which features footage shot in Kosovo between 1999 and 2004. The difference between this film and what American television media outlets traditionally aired is that this features footage of the Serbian community. This film is evidence of the ethnic cleansing process of Serbs that has taken place under the auspices of NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations. Hundreds of Serbian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries were destroyed by Albanian Muslims during this period without any intervention on the part of the Western powers. Even worse, this footage has never been aired on American television because apparently it contradicts official anti-Serb hysteria that fueled the 1999 war on Belgrade.

Earlier this year, the Bush administration emulated the Balkan policies of the Clinton administration and supported "independence" for Kosovo. American and European diplomats paid lip service to the rights of the Serbs in Kosovo, but no one addressed the horrific mistreatment of Serbs in Kosovo, nor have the westerners taken measures to impose sanctions on the Kosovo leadership in response to the mistreatment of Serbs and the destruction of Churches and Monasteries that have enormous spiritual and historic value.

In addition, the Bush administration opposed passage of a Congressional Resolution that would have recognized the Armenian Genocide. During the period of 1914-1923, the Islamic leadership of the Ottoman Empire and its successor under the murderous figure of Mustafa Kemal slaughtered at least three million Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Orthodox Christians. Turkish policies of ethnic cleansing have continued through the infamous anti-Greek pogroms of 1955, the Turkish invasions of Cyprus, and the present war by the Turkish paramilitary State against the Ecumenical Patriachate. Between 1993 and 2007, there have been at least six attempts to murder the Ecumenical Patriarch, but if one watched American television, one would not have noticed a thing.

Events in Turkey, as with Kosovo and Serbia serve to demonstrate that censorship is a fact! The glorification of the late Turkish dictator Mustafa Kemal by numerous American think tanks and other interests doing the sinister bidding of the Turkish Islamo-military ruling coalition demonstrates for me the utter futility of participating in an election where the winner will inevitably be influenced by the notorious and well financed Turkish lobby into manipulating both history and supporting policies of ethnic cleansing against the Greeks of Cyprus. The degree to which American policy is manipulated can be seen by the fact that the official foreign policy establishment successfully persuaded both the Clinton and Bush administrations into betraying Greece by recognizing the government of Skopje under the name of "Macedonia".

An enormous tragedy is playing out for the Christians of Iraq. During this past summer, the Archbishop of the Chaldean Catholics was murdered for refusing to pay extortion money to Islamic extremists. The Christians were at least secure under the former dictatorship that the Bush administration and its neo conservatives overthrew. The administration that waged war on Iraq never took into consideration what would happen to the Christians who have been fleeing to Syria, another potential target for the neo conservatives. Damascus is the home of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and there are at least one million Christians in Syria who will be secure, unless the next administration decides to implement "regime change" there.

What has happened to the "war on terror"? The only discernible war to be noticed is the war on the Christian East which has been under way for decades. The West permitted Muslim Turkey to take Constantinople and Asia Minor in 1922, the Turkish invasions of Cyprus, and gave Kosovo, Serbia's Jerusalem to the Muslims. In Kosovo, Saudi Arabia is funding the construction of Mosques while Orthodox Churches and Monasteries burn. In the occupied territories of Cyprus, over five hundred and fifty Churches and Monasteries have been converted into Mosques, or are being used as stables where settlers from Turkey are housing their farm animals.

In light of the appalling turmoil and tragedy that continues to engulf the Christian East, and in light of the fact that no matter which party comes to power, the think tanks will continue to press the next administration to continue with policies that have been to the detriment of Hellenism and Orthodoxy, I refuse to participate in the "voting" process since I believe that such participation would legitimize the undemocratic think tanks that continue to shape policies toward the Balkans, Turkey, Russia, and the Middle East.

In conclusion, I lament and mourn the Churches and Monasteries of Kosovo and Cyprus, and their missing faithful. Very soon, there may be no more Greek Orthodox Christians in Turkey. Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama has been accused of being a Muslim. The fact remains that no matter who becomes President, foreign policy could not possibly be any more pro-Islamic to the detriment of the Christian East than it already is. May the persecution of the forgotten Christians of the East come to an end.